Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We All Have Bad Days

I picked up Carter from Pre-K this morning, and the teacher wanted to talk to me.  Apparently, Carter had a bit of a rough day.  She asked if there was anything going on at home.  There certainly was last night.  The boys were rowdy during Family Home Evening and lost their treat after repeated warnings.  They went to bed with howls and tears.  They were still aware of the loss this morning when they woke up.  Perhaps Carter was still on edge because of that. Regardless of how it stemmed, Mom explained to Carter that getting cranky at Pre-K was not an option, even if you are upset about yogurt, playtime, or the book fair.  So Holly sat Carter down and had him write an apology.


Our contrite child will be delivering the letter tomorrow.  It's okay, buddy. We all have bad days. We just gotta keep our emotions in check.  Keep keeping it real.

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