Monday, November 30, 2009

Every year our family does something special for someone in the holiday season. My friend's mom is very sick. She has been struggling with cancer for about a year. I made her a hospital down (complete with 2 ties in the back and snaps on the sleeves) She loves and collects snowmen and I knew this fabric would be perfect. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

Happy First Thanksgiving Carter!! <3

My first EVER apple pie <3
Carter's Thanksgiving Feast (and he literally ate almost it all)
Parker's Plate! :)
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

will i ever get better?

We've been SO busy with the house and the holiday that I have really neglected this blog. I need to get better because I know that relatives that are out of town check this to get regular updates on our family. I am sorry! :(

Our latest conundrum is about a Christmas Tree! I never would have thought that would happen. I always thought I'd get a real tree (just like my parents). Brian wants a real tree and I'm leaning toward a fake.

Let me explain... I love real trees, and I would love a real tree but it makes me sad to know how many trees are cut down, left up for a few months, and then put outside ready to die and be burned or hauled away.... These trees take years to grow and give us just a month of happiness.

It's unfortunate that we have such a small plot of land, because I would definitely have a real tree if we could plant it after. How nostaligicly (did I make up that word) awesome would it be to have lines of trees from all your many christmases with your family!! Our next house is definitely going to have more land so this can become a reality.

We plan on decorating the house for Christmas on Monday for family home evening! Look for pictures (and back posts too).

Friday, November 13, 2009

carter's latest tricks

not the best quality but you get the idea:

carter's on his way to walking! :) eek! he now crawls on his hands and FEET

carter is such a happy baby. his newest thing is clapping. he LOVES to smile and clap! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

catch up

Here's some random pictures from our adventures....

Maggie is Parker's BFF. We're already planning their wedding.... This picture was taken this summer at a park in Oswego!

Parker loves to put hats on... backwards, sideways, regular.... whatever!
We moved into our house on Friday 10/30 with the help of Brian's parents!!

While we were moving, and almost had the truck all packed to pull out of our apartment.... Parker fell off the edge of the ramp going up to the truck.... He stood up and was crying a little. (I was inside changing Carter's diaper and immediately said to Brian to check him) Brian gave him a hug and then lifted up his shirt sleeve because we immediately noticed he wasn't moving that arm. Brian, having his back to me, lifted the shirt and said "uh, holly" I instantly knew it was broken. I looked at it and nearly threw up. It was clearly broken. This picture was taken at the hospital. (Brian's mom went with me and the men stayed to finish bc they uhaul had to be returned by 5p) I was so grateful to have her there. They wanted to put him to sleep to set the bones. Something just didn't sit with me right and so, I opted for the morphine and local anesthetic.

He was SUCH a trooper. EVERYONE at the hospital commented on how well mannered he was. He hardly cried while we were there (only when they were setting the bones back- twice). On the way home, we were going to get him something to eat (bc they wouldn't let him eat or drink while waiting to see what was going on) and so it was since 11am since he last ate. (We finally left the hospital at around 8pm and we had gotten there a little before 2pm. You do the math.)
Since it was the day before halloween- they were handing out treatbags and Parker got one and then a nice nurse brought a shirt over, held it up to Parker, and gave it to him! It was a halloween shirt with a basketball that lit up being held by a skeleton. Parker loved it. I was happy because his other shirt was filthy!

So, hardly any crying and 6hours later, Parker had a cast and was ready to go to our new home.
(oh, and Carter was SUCH A GOOD BOY and was in his carrier the WHOLE TIME)... poor baby
Feeling a little discouraged, we had our first night in our new home. In the morning we were able to see this beautiful rainbow (there were actually two) right out our living room windows.... What an awesome symbol to us that things were going to be okay.
We are trying to get the house in "showing" order... we want to have a little get together with all our friends and have a fondue party!! We need some crutial things before that can happen (namely a COUCH ;) ... we might go tomorrow to order it)

My parents came out to see us, the house, and Parker's boo-boo the sunday after we moved in. They brought with them a washer and dryer that had been sitting in their barn. Unfortunately we found out the washer didn't work. We called around and couldn't find that part it needed. So, with the help of my parents we got this little beauty:
I don't have to put quarters in! I can leave laundry in overnight! Ahh, this is fantastic. I actually LIKE doing laundry now! (In the background in the laundry room- 1st floor :) )
^ This is a picture of our living room. We are going to sand/paint the endtables and add a couch/loveseat and rug. Should be cute. I made the curtains!! :)
^ These are the curtains I am making in the laundry room. They are coming out exactly as I pictured them. I am thrilled. (It cost me about $28 for all the fabric for all 7 windows!)

..... i'm hoping to get more pictures up soon. stay tuned.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I've been SUCH a slacker. I will get better, promise. ;)

Friday while we were moving into our house, Parker fell off the ramp of the moving truck and broke his arm. :( After 6hours in the ER he has a lime green cast. (he picked the color)

We are getting settled into our house- what a chore!! Pictures will come soon. I know some of you are dying to see!!