Thursday, January 29, 2009


At my 20 week Ultrasound they said that baby Jack was breech but that he has more than enough time (and space) to turn. Ever since then- at my appointments I ask them to try to feel the position and a couple times she was pretty sure he was head down but I have an appointment next week and they are going to do a positioning ultrasound.

If I have to schedule a c-section I'm going to be so heartbroken. I was so looking forward to trying to have a VBAC and natural birth. I want to feel like a superwoman.

I am worried that if I have to have a c-section I will be in unbearable pain again.
I am worried that baby will have complications (like fluid in the lungs) again.
I am worried they will tell me I can't have any more kids.
I am worried that not holding/seeing my baby right away that he won't nurse.
I am worried Brian won't be able to cut the cord again.
Please say a couple prayers for us between now and next thursday.
Looks a lot more comfy then being head down though, huh?


Shelby and Brian said...

Aww I'm sorry =( I will be thinking of you and let me know how everything turns out!! Don't worry though because there is nothing you can do until then. Try to stay positive. And I'm totally crossing my fingers for you this time with the nursing.

The Kent Family said...

I hope everything goes the way you want :(..I'm praying for you and baby Jack...just remember that getting him here to this earth safely and healthy is the number matter how he gets here!!!

R,K,L said...

Awwwwwww sweetie. You will be in my prayers. Even if he is still breech they can always turn at the last second. You don't have to have a c-section unless he is in danger so wait until the last second. I know someone that was ready to go into a c-section b/c baby was breech and a midwife came in and said give it more time and everything worked out fine. I have a feeling he is head down though. I know how bad you want a VBAC and I am praying for that for you.

The Fifes said...

It seems so scary, but it gets easier knowing it's all in Heavenly Father's hands. It will all work out. We will pray for you, and it will all be okay. :)

Holly said...

Keep your head up! Everything will go exactly how it's supposed to.

Greg & Britta said...

Aww I'm sorry -- I know how badly you want a VBAC -- and I hope you're able to do so. Just know that the number one thing is for him to get here safely. We're prayin' for you!

Beverly B. said...

Well I think it's something that you can't control. Try to focus on what you can control. There is still plenty of time and it's good that there are checking. I wish that I had know that Cammy was breech because it was suprise to everyone.