Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breakfast with Mom!

Carter went on a field trip to the apple orchard yesterday.  He was even able to take Holly with him as his hot date.  Carter and the other Pre-K students get to eat breakfast together every morning, and today was no different, except that Holly got to enjoy Carter's company!

Here, we see Carter enjoying his breakfast with mom before his big trip!  Later, he came back with a sack full of apples and healthy dose of pride for completing his first field trip ever.
 Carter's favorite friend in PreK is Dawson. Dawson's big brother- Talen was in Parker's Kindergarten class. :) Great kiddos.

Later in the day, Holly left for an appointment regarding Steffen number 4.  All looks well.  She came home with Wegman's subs for date night (again) which we watched with episodes of Portlandia (again).  Some things never get old.

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