Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's A....


We didn't find out the sex at our anatomy scan today. :)

There are a couple things that they want to keep an eye on. I have to have a repeat sono in 4weeks.

1- there's an extra lobe on my placenta that is curling up/not attached
2- my placenta is low and if it doesn't move i could have a cs
3- transverse baby (tons of time to change positions!)
4- measuring 20w 3d head and 19w 1d body for an average of 19w 4d
so they might change my DD if i'm measuring consistant bc i've been measuring with my LMP date. which is what i've thought all along. :)

Send prayers and love.


This could be TMI... ;)

Parker asked me today if I was going to poop the baby out of my butt.
I took a second. Smiled. Looked at him and said "kinda".

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Carter as started talking and talking and talking

One of my favorite things is when I ask him to count something (like 3 apples).
He says - pointing to each... 5,6,7
I ask him to count them again.
Carter. You need to start at 1 when you're counting. Can you try again?


Parker has been a little chatterbox. The things he comes up with are adorable.

While playing hide-n-seek with his brother:
"Carter, I count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! Ready or not here I found you!"

After asking Mommy if he could play Wii and Mommy said not right now:
"I gotta tell Daddy" :: as he's running away ::

Mommy: "Parker is the baby going to be a boy or girl?"
Parker: "Boy."
Mommy: "What should we name him?"
Parker: "Lydia"

baby guesses

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Take a guess on baby #3's stats! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

things i can't get enough of

With each pregnancy there have been some things I just can't get enough of:

NA Strawberry Daiquiris
Lucky Charms
Wegmans Subs
Steak Bagel

Wegmans Wraps

Big Macs

Red Lobster Side Salad w Blue Cheese

Any salad with Chicken, Onion, and Hard Boiled Egg

HOT wings

Burger King Tendercrisp Sandwich w Onion

Baby 3-
Any salad with Chicken, Onion, and Hard Boiled Egg
Frozen Fruit Drinks && Fresh Strawberries

Mexican- especially guacamole and queso

kfc mashed potatoes and gravy