Monday, September 9, 2013

Buffalo Bills

This is a picture from October of 2009. What does it have to do with the Buffalo Bills?  Well, I will tell you.
P&C in our 2009 apartment
This photo was taken of Parker and Carter in our last apartment.  This is where we lived before we bought our house.  The Buffalo Bills part is not what is seen in the photo but what is not seen in the apartment directly above.  An honorable, committed Bills fan lived there.  I started officially following the Bills in 2008.  When we moved here and our upstairs neighbor learned I was a fan, he started talking shop talk with me.  Like, serious football shop talk which was way above my head.

Football concepts over my head...
But I faked it.  I gave generic, monosyllabic statements in response to make it sounds like I knew what he was talking about.  He seemed so into his topics that I think I fooled him.  He was a good guy.  Anyway, I bring him up because we watched the opening season Bills game yesterday afternoon and were rabid with hope.  Then we were disappointed.  So I thought of our old neighbor and realized he must have felt at least as glum about it as me.

Best quote of a Bills afternoon...
Parker:  Dad, who do we want to win?
Dad:  The Bills.  The blue guys.
Parker:  Oh.  You mean the ones with the zero?
Dad: (Sighs) Yes, Parker.  The ones with the zero.

Yup, that's my boy...the guy who doesn't sugar coat his football team descriptions.

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