Monday, March 11, 2013

my budding artist/writer

Parker drew a picture the other day and put it on top of the tv for the whole family to see and admire. It is a "skyscraper" and "our house". I asked him what he wrote on our house. "We love everybody," he said. Right on, little man, right on. 

So proud of my boy. 

When we went to the Strong Museum of Play on Friday-- Parker's favorite part was the mail room. He loved writing mail!! 

 This is Anderson with his Mail from Parker.

"I don't like girl stuff" is what he wrote on these. HAHA I love his smirk in this photo. Captures his personality for sure.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Museum of Play

While dad was at a meeting all day at work, Holly took the boys to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester.  There, they met up with Aunt Heather.  The highlight of the trip was of course Lego Land, a new exhibit Parker and Carter have been asking to go to.

Parker in the Lego Car

Carter in the Lego Car

Anderson in his less exciting-- stroller

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Holly and I have a fistful of things in common but a whole lot of things not in common.  One of them is that I love to do jugsaw puzzles while Holly thinks its a waste of time.  I see her point, I mean, it's just putting a piece of cardboard together.  But I have always really enjoyed it.

I bought this puzzle way back in 2009.  It's a simple 300 piece one, but it has an autumn theme and I really like autumn themed puzzles for some reason.  After putting the boys up to bed last night, I brought it down from the attic and dumped it out on the table.  56 minutes later, it was all together!

What was great about it was Parker and Carter kept coming down to observe the construction.  Each time they saw the progress I had made, they had wonderful comments to say like, "WOW DAD!  You are so fast!"  I asked Carter if he could do it and he said, "No, because I am small."  I asked if he thought if I could finish the puzzle and he said, "Yeah, because you are big!"  It made me feel like a champ.

Each time I do this puzzle I flip it over and write a note on the back.  So the log for this puzzle is...

First  9.19.09 Brian
Second 2.11.11. Brian and Holly New Window Day
Third 9.24.11 Brian and Parker
Fourth 3.4.13 Brian 56 min
Doing this puzzle of course set off my puzzle kick again.  So I dug out a 2,000 piece puzzle my brother Matt gave me for Christmas a few years back.  I set up a table in the basement inside my soda can collecting room and set to work.  I had picked at the puzzle before and sorted a lot of pieces, but now I was able to spread it all out and get working.  Hopefully, I will finish it before I get sidetracked from puzzles again.

The 2,000 Piece Project 

KPS Carnival

On Friday went to the carnival at Parker's elementary school.  They had pizza, cotton candy, carnival games, and prizes!  Carter even won a stuffed animal after winning a tricky ball-catch game.  It was a great family outing!

Carter enjoying the pizza at the carnival.

Anderson trying cotton candy for the first time.

Parker and Carter trying their luck at the pick a duck game.

Afterwards, Holly and I had a nice date night with take out subs from Garafalos and Girl Scout Cookies.