Sunday, December 28, 2008

busy busy

Brian and I have been busy since getting home from celebrating Christmas...

^ Brian put this together for me when he came back to teach mon/tues before Christmas. This was my gift from Santa... a scrapbooking desk.

^ a computer armoir from my parents (brian's dad helped put it together) =]
^ the nice & neat computer inside!
^ double stroller for Parker and baby Jack
^ with the new skip hop diaperbag i won!
^ we also put together the wagon from my parents- parkers first ride (around the apt)

^ Parker being silly

^ Parker and Daddy putting the animals {including Parker} to bed! =]
Ok, we're (meaning baby and mommy) are off to bed, doctors appointment in the morning.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas morning with my parents

Parker would make this "ooOoo" sound anytime he opened a toy! He was loving his presents. =]
Parker got: a sit-n-stand stroller for him and jackson, a 2 seater wagon, a toy guitar, a doggie that sings, leapfrog fridge alphabet and animals, clothes from baby gap, clothes from carters, little people school bus and airplane, curious george stuffed animal and books, lots of board books..... and i'm sure i'm forgetting something!!
Brian got: lots and lots of books that he wanted
and I got: a computer armoir (that we SO desperately need!)

christmas eve

We went to the annual Brenner/Stevens/Lafontaine/Pancoast/Hill/Miller/Steffen Family Lunch with Santa! Parker was really overwhelmed but did well opening his gifts. He liked Santa for about 2 seconds and then went behind a chair a cried. Ha... poor kiddo!

^ Parker's first gift at the party!

^ Kerry helping Parker open his first gift!

^Then he was just content looking at all his new books!

^ me, Kerry, & Parker!
^ Santa's here!

^ Parker with Santa
^ family pic with santa

^ Parker after church

Monday, December 22, 2008

the men in my life

Yesterday, while thinking about my boys, I realized that the initials of my 3 men will be:
haha, how funny is that??

Friday, December 19, 2008

can you believe it?!

the results of my glucose test:
I PASSED.Font size

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We've decided on a name. It's NOT set in stone. But.....

We will call him Jack 99.9% of the time. We just like the name Jackson- no real meaning behind that one.... && obviously Miller after my maiden name & lineage.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Parker's First Drawing

^ coloring

^ he kept doing this and then not put the crayon in his mouth. i think he was testing me!

^final product

^ here's a little video for your viewing pleasure

Friday, December 12, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

So, I am pretty much the only person in the world that hates decorating for Christmas. Last night I had a church activity that I was going to and we made ornaments. I said I didn't want to take one home because I didn't even have a tree up- and probably wouldn't put it up this year seeing as though we aren't even gonna be here for christmas. I get home, and Brian tells me that I have to see Parker sleeping because he looks so cute. So, we turned off all the lights and slowly opened the door to his room (so we didn't wake him up). And there was Parker near the glow of blue christmas lights. Brian and Parker had set up the tree and had gone out and gotten special ornaments (Brian apparently wanted a themed tree this year). He decided to put it in Parker's room so we could block it off so that the kids didn't attack it and so that Parker could look at the lights while going to sleep. (don't worry- We turn them off after he's asleep)

I was so impressed with him! So, here's a pic of his hard work:

It was completely green yesterday, and we woke up this morning to this winter wonderland...

Yep, guess I'm staying in today! ;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

personal epiphany

So, I was bringing Tyler home today, and Parker and I were listening to Christmas songs on the radio and the song "Silver Bells" came on.... For once, I really listened to the lyrics:

City sidewalks busy sidewalks
dressed in holiday style
In the air there's a feeling of Christmas
Children laughing - people passing - meeting smile after smile
And on every street corner you hear
Silver bells - silver bells
it's Christmas time in the city
Ring a ling - hear them ring
soon it will be Christmas Day
Strings of street lights even stop lights
blink a bright red and green
As the shoppers rush home with their treasures
Hear the snow crunch - see the kids bunch
this is Santa's big scene......

STOP. WAIT. "As the shoppers rush home with their treasures" Treasures? Treasures? Isn't that a bit of a strong word to use to describe a gift? And then I tried to rationalize it thinking that well maybe they got wicked good deals and so in that respect they are proud and they consider them treasures. However, I don't think that is the case.

Why is so much emphasis put on things of this world, especially around Christmastime? Do they not know it matters not what you store up on earth because you can't take it to Heaven.

So, as Christmas approaches I challenge you to really take the time and put the emphasis back where it belongs, on the birth of our Savior!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Parker got his pictures taken with 3 other generations of Steffen's last Saturday. There was Parker, Brian, Brian's Dad, and Brian's Grandpa (who was visiting from Virginia). After the pictures the ladies at the picture place gave Parker a ticket to ride the carousel!

This was taken today (after my kid refused to take an afternoon nap- hence the sleepy/stubborn eyes).... but notice that lil' baby molar! There's a matching one on the top too. The other top one is barely coming through! What a big boy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

new calling

So, in our church we get 'callings'... basically our church is run by the people. No one is paid. Everyone is asked of the Lord to do a certain task....

I've helped plan events for the women of the church... and I was most recently the nursery teacher (18mon-3yr olds) and now I have received a new calling: 2nd counselor in the primary presidency!

Basically, there are 3 people over the kiddos of the church and their sunday school classes. There is the President and then the first and second counselors. I'm not totally sure of all my resposibilities yet, but I'll learn!

Nursery was challenging for me, but we are given callings to help us grow. I had 7 kids in one tiny room. There were days that I can honestly say that I hated it. However I am so thankful for that calling. It has taught me so much about kids and about myself. I was just starting to really love it, and now i'll be replaced! That is okay though because I'm on to bigger and better things I guess!

just wait

So, *certain* people keep telling and asking me: "Oh just wait til you have two kids. It's soooooo hard." "why are you having your kids so close together?" but all I hear is {blah blah blah}....

I think it's all about your attitude and expectations. You can't expect your kids to do exactly what you want, when you want them to. Their naptimes might not be exact, their play styles might be different- one might like to read and the other likes to interact....

I personally think that when I have 2 kids, it's gonna work out great. Parker really enjoys other kids and already helps me out!... Parker can pick up his toys and he really knows what I'm saying. So if I say "naptime parker!" he walks into his room. I am really blessed to have such a great kid!

This week I'm helping out a friend and watching her son. He is a little over 1 1/2. So, lemme guess you think it's like having twins. Well, its not. They are nothing alike really. They get along great and Ty is an absolutely great kid. But, they are different. Ty doesn't eat bits of food so he has to be spoon fed, and Parker like to feed himself. Ty takes 1 afternoon nap and Parker takes 2 naps. It's only normal to assume that I'm ripping my hair out. Well, sorry to dissapoint you, but I'm not!!!

I have been critizied and asked how I have so much time to check my email, respond to posts, etc. Well, my computer is always on and alerts me when I have a new email. It takes 2 seconds to respond.

When Tyler got here, we all played for a bit, and then around 7:45 I made breakfast for everyone. Parker had scrambled eggs and Tyler had applesauce and cereal. After we got all cleaned up from breakfast (wiping up the kiddos and doing the dishes) we all played a little more until Parker was ready for his morning nap. So Parker went down for his morning nap and Ty and I played!! When Parker woke up - I made lunch for the 3 of us... and then shortly after lunch Tyler went down for his nap!
As I type this, Tyler is napping and Parker is playing. That's right! Now, Parker and I will play. I don't know why people stress to have their kids on the same napping schedule. It's really not that big of a deal to have one taking a nap at a time. Well, that is unless you want to take a nap. And then my advice to you would be to go to bed earlier!!

Now, I realize that not every kid is the same (obviously) and there are exceptions to every rule. I'm just simply stating the more flexible you are, {i believe} the happier your life will be!

I think I have a talent in taking care of kids. And no, I do not want to go into childcare!!
Now, for your viewing pleasure:

thank you oprah &snapfish!

My photobook came in the mail today!
I'm really impressed with how it turned out....
except stupid me typed 2 typos in the poem.
I could have swore that I proofread it a million times.
Oh well, I guess it'll just give it that special touch!!!

^ in case you can't read it, it says
"if i have a momument in this world, it is my son" -maya angelou
^ Families Can be Together Forever
^ 10.18.2007 6:39pm 7lb 8oz 19 3/4in
^ finally meeting Mom and Dad
^the poem brian wrote.
^meeting the grandparents
^meeting the aunts and uncles
^ "Parker received his middle name in honor of his Great-Grandma and Grea-Grandpa Brenner.Great- Gramp went to be with Heavenly Father before Parker was born."
^ Parker's First Halloween
^Parker's First Thanksgiving
^ "And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them" Mark 10:16
Parkers Baby Blessing
^ random photoshoot with mom
^Parker's First Christmas
^Parker's First Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day
^photoshoot done by candy
^Parker's First Easter
^ Parker's broken arm photoshoot
^One Year Pictures/ Family Photo Session
^Parker's First Birthday
^some of mom's favorite pics that didn't fit in the book
^back cover "created with love by mommy"