Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Expectations!

I finished reading Great Expectations the other day.  I recently made it a goal to read (and reread in some cases) all of Charles Dickens' novels.  The last time I read Great Expectations I was in ninth grade.  I was surprised at how much I had forgotten.  I find reading to be a therapeutic experience; I always gain impression and insights worth remembering.

Charles Dickens after Anderson
If I may share one: Mr. Wemmick in Great Expectations I feel is a lot like me.  He utterly divides his life in two.  He has his (almost soulless) work for Mr. Jaggers, but he also enjoys a warm, eccentric home life. He intentionally never mixes the two.  I feel I am the same way.  When at work I rarely seem to think about home, and while at home, I rarely seem to think about work.  It seems to work well for Mr. Wemmick, and it seems to work well for me.

I started my next Dickens' text the other day: Little Dorrit.  This is NOT a reread; I have never read it before.  I project to be done by November by reading at least a chapter a day.  Look for a full report then!

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