Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Names

I'm determined to have a solid Boy and Girl name for Baby3 so my bases are covered. For some reason coming up with names really stresses me out. I want a "normal" name that isn't WAY overused (ruling out any boy name that ends in -aiden). I don't want another -er for a boy. I DO have a feeling this is another boy so I am stressed because I pretty much have a girl name!

Then there's the whole naming after people. I want my children to be named after something or someone (most likely in their middle name).

Here are some of my thoughts:

These are the HARDEST for me. I think because I've had TWO boys, I feel like I'm "out" of names. I have started working on my family history and Frederick is really common. It is also my dad and grandpa's name. So maybe for a middle name? Brian has a really close friend that would be neat to have his name incorporated somehow.

My gramp was called Fritz. I love that name. Fritz Steffen- What's UP german name!! LOL!
I also like Anderson. I feel like it goes the best with Parker and Carter. (surname-ish)
Graham is another one on my list.
I like Elliott and I (secretly) wish I would have named Carter Elliott instead.

I am pretty set on Lydia Eiley. I want to try to squeeze in another name to honor my friend and her daughter that just passed away suddenly. What do you think about TWO middle names? Do you know anyone that has two middle names? How does it work legally? What do you write on the birth cert? Are they hyphenated? The names I am considering adding to honor my friend are either Jalit or Joy.



Brooke Brooks said...

I really like Anderson and Graham for a boy. Way cute! And I like your girl name too. Addison has two middle names(Carrie Grier) so it will work. Especially since both of those names are short. I say do it. :)

Laura said...

I think Elliott is super cute! That's on my baby name list in my head as well, haha... and i also like Anderson, I think that would really go well with Parker and just fits. And i think Fritz is kinda cool too. If it's a girl I love Lydia, I know you've had that picked out for ages! :)

Kerrie said...

Holly, I have two middle names. It is usually not an issue. Both names are on my as card and license, but many times I just use the first one. It does occasionally make for confusion, but for the most part it's problem free. My brothers both have two middle names also, so as they get older your boys might wonder why they don't have two names also. That would be my only concern.
For what it's worth I like Anderson! Lol

HollySteffen said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Kerrie, Thanks for commenting. I think if they ever asked I would just explain the situation. I think they would understand that it was a special circumstance. :) I think I would call her Lydia Eiley when she's in trouble ;) HA. Who am I kidding, it's gonna be another boy.

.:Erika:. said...

I love Anderson and Graham... they are both surnamish like Parker and Carter. But, I also am all for naming a boy Elliot if it's a name you really love!

As for the girl, you can give her as many names as you want! My Italian professor in high school had 5 names! I wouldn't hyphenate them though.

Alyssa Elledge said...

I LOVE the name Graham for a boy. My nephew's name is Graham and he is absolutely adorable. Anderson is a great name and classy sounding too. I love what you have picked for a girl's name...very lovely. You're doing great and choosing names.

Kings said...

I vote Graham as well. That is such a cute name. I like the name Ashton and Landon for a boy as well. I think two middle names isn't weird at all for a girl. I like Joy out of the two :) So much fun.

Jessica said...

My vote is for Anderson. I really like it. Regarding the two middle names, go for it. I like Jalit but I think I would pick Joy. :)

KelliSue Kolz said...

I wonder if you've considered Anderson Brian Steffen. It has a nice ring to it, and honors his father. Andy isn't a very common nickname any more, with all the Drews that have popped up. But I'd hope he'd go by Andy when he was an elementary kid, just because it's my personal fave.

Lori said...

I really like Anderson then Graham. I like the name Lydia.

Jenny and James said...

I know James has some cousins that have 2 middle names. Clay was going to have 2 middle names when he was still going to be Christian, but once we change the name, we decided to only go with on.

I love Graham for a boy and Elliot is my my second favorite. The more kids you have the harder it is to come up with names. Took us FOREVER to come up with Analyn's name. Good luck!!