Sunday, July 25, 2010

exciting announcement

NO we are NOT having another baby (yet).

Here are our friends the MacCallum Family. Yes, that is Maggie- Parker's future wife.
The MacCallums are leaving Tuesday to move to Utah. (*sniffle) Ian thinks he's cool and he's attending BYU Law ((We're bitter bc we're jealous- obviously))

We will miss them bunches. Ian is leaving Tuesday night and driving alone. Well, I should say WAS driving alone. He will now have a trusty companion: BRIAN!

Brian will fly back the day before his training for school starts (Aug 1 so he will be there a couple days with Ian).... so he will get to see some of Provo and Salt Lake City and will help Ian unload.

now you are probably thinking: "Boy Holly, you are so nice. That doesn't sound like fun for you...."

FEAR NOT my faithful blog readers:

I will be visiting UTAH August 10-21! :)

I am SO EXCITED bc I've never even been that far west. I'm excited to meet up with some of my mormon mommy friends! I'm excited to see the sites.... && I'm most excited to spend time with my dear friend Beth. Trust me- the goodbye's on the 21st will be teary and heartfelt.

Get ready Utah.
The MacCallums & Steffens are leaving soon!


Beverly B. said...

I'm so excited for you! I really want to go soon. It's been over 5 years since I've been. I have lots of family there that I need to visit. Utah feels like home to me. It's going to be so good for you.

Lori said...

Sounds fun. You will love it. Our best friends are moving this week across country also and it will be so hard. I totally understand.

Kings said...

Oh we are SO going to lunch one day when you are here!!!!

Miracles Happen said...

Horray!!! I hope we get to met up!

abSalmond said...

Hey I'm pretty excited to hear you're coming to Utah! If you need a place to stay at all, you are more than welcome to stay here. We're about 20-30 min. from Provo-15 with good traffic! I want to see you when you come so please call me, I'll be in touch definitely, but all the same. my cell is 801-494-3288

Alyssa Elledge said...

Welcome to my home! If you need anything while you are here you are welcome to contact me. I live in SL valley!