Monday, September 23, 2013

Furniture Browsing

On Saturday night, I went out to do the grocery shopping for the upcoming week.  I got the job done early and had some time to kill, so I wandered around a discount store.  I came across this wonderful gem I would like someday.

Future furniture for a future chess nook...
You might wonder why I feel so attracted to this piece of furniture; it is because I want it for a chess table.  My current chess table is a ghetto version of this.  I want a nice chess table that has built in bookcases to hold my chess books like the above model.  Right now, up in the attic where I store my chess stuff and collection of books, I use an old power line spool.  I keep my chessboard on top with the books stacked beneath it.  Someday, I want to upgrade it to the nicer table.

My current chess furniture...notice Bobby Fischer's collection of chess games, sad that it must
suffer the indignity of not having a grand table to support itself and the chess board.

Of course, for this to work out best I would also like nice a nicer chess board and some nicer pieces, but one step at a time.  So while Holly was busy putting the kids to bed Saturday night, yours truly was busy day dreaming about chess furniture. Afterwards, I picked up Subway for the two of us and we watched episodes of Portlandia together.

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