Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Ready

Holly went organic food shopping last night.  (I stayed home and watched Dr. Who on Netflix.) She used some of the ingredients she bought to make special oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are supposed to help with lactation.   She is officially all geared up to start preparing for nursing our fourth little one.   Observe her spread below...

5 more weeks!!!
Meanwhile, the other day Anderson thought he was all big and bad.  He intentionally started "sagging" his pants to show off his cloth diaper.   Here, mom gets a snapshot while Anderson keeps it real on the iPhone.

In other news, Parker is slogging his way through first grade mathematics.  The state has bought into the Federal Government's new Common Core campaign, which means all the old ways of teaching matheatics (such as the way Holly and I were taught) has been thrown out the window. Parker has been spending his time with these boxes and lines called "number bonds."  Observe them below.

"Number Bonds"...the latest thing to hit elementary school mathematics

The sheet on the left is Parker's homework of making number bonds out of the number nine. The sheet on the right is somehow supposed to help with this endeavor, but Holly and I couldn't make heads or tales of how.  Maybe it's just supposed to make kids wish they were reading books instead of doing math.   Parker and I just sorted out buttons into two groups to make nine instead.  Parker understood that.

As for Carter, he's just proud that he got to do two fire drills in Pre-K today!

Carter in 'da Puddles...Circa June 2013
As for me, I recently watched the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's film The Road.   I read the book back in 2008, so I knew what I was expecting, but wow.  It's a film that has made me grateful for a warm bed, food, and my family.  And make me want to bone up on our food storage. Friday tomorrow...the best day of the week!

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