Saturday, September 21, 2013

Date Night, Car Seats, & Stuff

A refreshing date night again with Holly last night.  Nothing was sounding good to us in town, so Holly agreed to drive half an hour to get us subs from Wegmann's.  She was willing to do this, of course, because she ended up taking a friend along as well.  I was pleased with the arrangement because shortly after she left, I put the boys to bed and got to watch two episodes of Dr. Who.  I'm a big fan of the time traveling doctor.  Holly thinks its weird, which is why I take advantage of her not being there to watch them! When Holly came home (with good potato chips and black cherry soda) Dr. Who was almost over.  So we finished it and turned on Portlandia.

Our favorite show for date night...

They finally put new episodes of it on Netflix.  We watched two episodes, chowed down, tinkered on our electronic devices (Holly on facebook, myself playing chess, where my battery died in a line of the Scandinavian defense I excelled in, bah!) then went to bed. Nothing fancy. Oh, and did I mention this?  Last Saturday, Holly was able to fit three car seats into the back of the minivan.  That means we can still leave a seat down and still have a seat for the new baby.  Holly is the car seat master.  It's like a Tetris game and she owns it!

Crusin' three abreast...
I am also pleased to report that I have been consistent with my journal keeping.  I bought a new journal when I went to Utah for my little sister's wedding in July.  I was an avid journal keeper when I was a kid (I started when I was eight) and wrote pretty much consistently through my mission to the Philippines.  Then I kind of petered out. The more kids Holly and I started to have, the less I wrote; I was too busy.  I decided that was not a decent way to do it.  So in Utah I resolved to start writing every day again.  It's been over two months now and I am still on track!

I think it's important.  I have been trying to update the blog more too, as you can see, but the blog is a lot of fun stuff; it's family adventures and cute pics.  My journal is where I can write the meat, "the things of my soul" as Nephi says in the Book of Mormon.  It is interesting to wonder who will read it someday.  I wonder who reads this blog, actually. (The views are there, but low, just close family I suppose.)  I do think that someday in the far future records like these will be preserved and they will have some use, at least to demonstrate how young families in the early 21st century lived. And also, I know that I will be old and decrepit some day, and looking back through this blog and reading my journals will help me know that, hey, you had a good life, you know?

Anyway, enough of that.  Holly is out, Anderson is napping, and the oven just finished pre-heating. I promised Parker and Carter we would bake cookies once all those above parameters were met. Peace!

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