Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Milkshakes

I used to get Parker a doughnut every Friday morning on the way to school.
I now get Parker and Carter a doughnut every Friday morning since they now both go to school.
Holly had an appointment today, so I did not go to school.
Since I did not go to school with them, there were no doughnuts this Friday morning and the boys were sad.
So when I picked up Parker this afternoon with Carter and Anderson in tow, I said we would get doughnuts.
We went to a drive-thur.
I asked for Honey Crulers and Boston Cream doughnuts.
Parker yelled for a milkshakes instead.
I said no.
The drive thru said they were all out of those doughnuts.
Parker said, "I told ya.  Now we can get milkshakes."
But they didn't have milkshakes at the doughnut place.
So I said we would go to McDonalds for milkshakes.
Carter liked this idea.
Anderson gabbled in agreement with Carter.
Parker said he would only like it if he could get a BIG milkshakes.
I said no.
Parker howled.
Carter said, "I like milkshakes from McDonalds.  Thanks, dad."
Parker yelled, "I don't like small milkshakes, I eat them too quickly."
I said, "That's not my problem."
Anderson yapped.
We drove to McDonalds.
Parker complained about the milkshake situation.  A small one would not do.
To distract him, I suggested we get Oreo milkshakes from Burger King instead.  "Mom got one, and she really liked it," I said.
"Oh!" said Parker.  "I like that idea.  I like Oreos."
"But it will be a small one," I warned.
Parker said, "That's okay. I like Oreos."
"Great!" I said.  "We'll get those."
"MCDONALDS!" Carter yelled.  "You said we would go to McDonalds.  I don't want a stupid Oreo milkshake."
Parker said, "Carter, it's Oreo! You will like it!"
"NO!" said Carter.
Anderson hooted.
I clutched the steering wheel.
"YOU SAID MCDONALDS!" said Carter.
McDonalds was one side of the road.  Burger King was on the other.  I shrugged.
I turned into Burger King.
I formed a plan.  Maybe I would go both places.
We stopped at the speaker.
"Dude, Carter," I said.  "They have those here."
"Oh."  He sniffled.  "With a cherry?"
I said, "I don't know.  I'll ask."
Anderson yapped again.
I said to the speaker, "Do you put cherries on your milkshakes?"
I said, "They said no, Carter.  Is that okay?"
"I guess so," said Carter.
"Okay," I said.  "Two oreo milkshakes and one strawberry milkshake."
"Will that be all?"
And so we drove home.  And that is how we got the picture below.


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