Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We had family home evening last night.  Carter picked mac and cheese with peas with Rice Krispee treats for dessert.  (I had Holly put some M&Ms in half the batch- that's how I like my Rice Krispee treats!)  Parker and Carter shared a poster they made for lesson.

Parker and Carter's FHE Lesson...on Anderson!  

It's an acrostic poem of Anderson.  They worked on it before school with dad. We then put Anderson to bed and munched on our treats while watching the end of the men's US tennis open.  The boys then went up to bed. They slept well until 6:30 this morning.  It was then that....

KABOOM!  We had a terrific thunderstorm going on all while we were getting ready for school.  It was thrilling, but it was a little disappointing because with weather like that, it would be fun just to stay home all day.  By the time we left however, the storm had stopped and we went off to school like nothing happened.

This evening I am attending a baptism in our ward.  Afterwards, I will bring home some take-out and Holly and I will be watching President Obama address the nation on why we need to take military action against Syria.  Scary times...

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