Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Mario Chess

Carter wasn't feeling well today.  He came right home from school and took a nap.

He woke up when I came home.  Now, earlier today before school, Carter wanted to play Super Mario Brothers chess with me.  I said no because we had to get ready for school.  He was disappointed about it.  He really had his heart set on playing.  In fact, his heart was so set on it that when I came home with Parker later, he held me to it.  Even though he still wasn't feeling good and groggy from his nap, he hauled out the chessboard and insisted we play a game.  So we did.

Carter's pawn takes knight, or rather, Koopa shell takes Yoshi
What a champ!  Thanks for playing, Carter!  Mom and I are impressed with your commitment!

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