Saturday, February 7, 2009

square one

Back to square one with baby names?

We were pretty much decided on Jackson but Brian and I have been talking. Jackson is a REALLY popular name. Every year it's climbing the ssa popular names chart. I know we are going to call him Jack, so why not name him that? Well, it's climbing the charts too..... I just don't want my little boy to have a lot of friends with his same name. Plus, I can't help but think of Micheal and Randy Jackson. Ugh.

Popularity of the male name Jackson
Year of birth Rank
2007 33
2006 35
2005 44
2004 48
2003 52
2002 50
2001 60
2000 72
1999 83
Note: Name data are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States. (

Now, if Jackson were a name that I was set on and it were number 1, I would still name him that. It's not that the numbers are the only thing that matters, I just don't know if Jackson or Jack feels right.


Beverly B. said...

mmmm.....I'm sorry you are struggling with your decision but better now then later. You need to feel good about it. It will be his name forever. What are the other names you are considering? I think Jackson is cute by the way.

HollySteffen said...

in no order: caleb, noal, carter, connor, peter, oliver, logan, trenton, elliot

The Stephenson Family said...

I know what you mean. We had a really hard time naming Liam. I do know about 5 Jacksons, not including the ones online, so it is pretty popular, but still a *great* name. You'll find the perfect nam. I really like Elliot. I know quite a few Connors, Carters, Calebs, and Logans as well. It's hard finding a unique name that you love. It will come though!

HollySteffen said...

oh an i just realized- its nolan not noal. haha....

The Kent Family said...

I'm with you on the name struggle!!! I still feel like I'm not making the right choice..ahhh...I'm saying...I think Parker and Oliver go good together :):):) For some reason I could see you naming your son that..that's all I got! haha Elliot is good too...very unique!!! (at least at the moment :)

Shelby and Brian said...

like I said before. Carter. Thanks =) hahaha

Beverly B. said...

I vote for Carter, Connor or Logan.