Thursday, March 27, 2008

my big boy

Parker's first tooth poked through today! And he can almost roll over from back to front! My little guy is growing up too fast!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's Find a Bargain

Britta and I went to the outlet mall today. I was extatic. Let me tell you why. I have been wanting to get Parker a sweatsuit outfit (from OshGosh) that matches the one he has now for 12m (next winter). Everytime I went it was $28- one time it was 50% off but I still didn’t want to spend $14 on it. So I kept looking everytime I went. Well Britta and I were walking and there was a new store! It was the OshGosh Clearance Center! I found the exact outfit for $2.99. Holler! I also got some other wicked cute things. All $2.99!! Everything in the pic (the 2 shirts from Children’s Place and the OshGosh things) were $2.99 or under! I got 2 of the same onsie bc it was such a great deal. I’m going to make one size into the summer one by cutting off the long sleeves! And the other is for fall! The socks were $9 from Gap and the ties were $5 each. I made out like a bandit. Hehee....

Also, I made dino cookies the other day. It was so fun, I pretended Parker was helping me- even though he was basically just watching me. So I just wanted to post a pic of them!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008


We went to the doctor and he was worried bc it looked like there was an indent in his skull (but it could have been from being stuck in my pelvis) and so he sent us to get an x-ray.

Needless to say, Parker has a fracture on his skull. There’s nothing we can really do except keep an eye on him and if anything changes- call the Dr.

A fracture is better thana piece of the skull being broken off, or indented bc then pressure can be on the brain leading to problems. So he wants to see him in a weekish for a check up. Now we have to figure out how we are going to move! haha.... oh man.

please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Parker's (festive) first Easter

Yesterday Parker fell down and went boom. We were searching for easter eggs when I hear a loud crash in the other room. I instantly knew it had something to do with Parker. I walked in and found him screaming and my sisters boyfriend holding him. My mom came in and asked what happened "he slipped" was all I heard at the moment. I remained incredibly calm and said "aw, did you fall down and go boom" I knew that Parker was 99% likely to be okay and he was probably just scared. I pulled my sister aside and asked what happened. I guess she was handing him to Steve (her boyfriend) and she thought he had him and he didn't. Thus he fell on the hardwood bumping his head. The loud crash was them knocking over a shelf in attempt to break his fall.

I am glad I didn't freak out especially right away. If I "dropped" someone's kid I would be beating myself up and to have the parents of that child mad at me would be horrendous. No one meant to do it. It was an accident.
Parker got a little goose egg on the back of his head. (How festive I know) And I knew that bumps on the back of the head aren't a huge concern. I put some ice on it, watched his eyes, and kept an eye out for vomiting or strange behavior. He seemed to more or less calm down with occassional crying.

When we got home last night (at 9pm) it seemed as though the bump had gotten a little bigger and it was more going in a line toward his neck. Brian was worried and so he called the Dr on duty at our Peditrician office. They talked for a little bit and he told us to give him some Motrin. So, we did, and Parker finally dozed off. He said to bring him in the office just for a check up tomorrow to make sure everything was okay. This reassured Brian.

So that was Parker's first Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Target Rant

So my loathe of target started after my baby shower, sometime in October. I had gotten multiple duplicates and needed to return some things. Of course, people didn't include gift reciepts and I was too shy to ask. So I tried to return then without a reciept. BIG MISTAKE. Target accepts NOTHING without a reciept. Ever notice why you get a gift reciept with a pack of gum? Now you know.

So that is only my first complaint. My second is Target comes off as an enviornmentally friendly store? ... with their method line and other various 'green' things... well that's yet another misconception about Target. How can they sell all these enviornmentally things and yet have SPIKES on their letters that spell out t-a-r-g-e-t so that birds cannot make their nests in the letters. Do birds really harm anyone by doing building their nests there?! I think they are being a little hypocritical.

That is all. I'm sure I'll have more rants as my experience with Target (w. a french accent) turns into Targay.

Don't believe me? Take a look....
I wish I had brought my camera with me.
That is all.
for now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

easter bunny time

Brian and I went shopping for our easter baskets for date night on Friday.
We had a lot of fun... well, minus the semi-crazy girl at Target.
She was like telling Brian which candy to get
I just laughed and kept walking.
Good thing Parker wasn't there or we wouldn't have gotten away so fast.
I really enjoy going out with Brian minus Parker (sometimes) bc it lets us have alone time
and that's so important.

This is my basket:

a healthy kid cookbook, sweettart bunnies, life savers, and lip gloss

Brian's basket:

all candy (surprise surprise)

Parker's basket:

dinosaur bibs (bc im still mad about the bedding), an easter book, and peek a boo blocks
^ the blocks are my fave!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I LOVE american idol this season. I can't seem to pick just one favorite. Tonight there were some stellar performances. Yes, I said stellar. Ha.

Among my top favorites are:

Brooke White
Jason Castro
David Archuleta
Ramiele Malubay

I do NOT like:

Carly Smithson
Amanda Overmeyer

That is all. Goodnight.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

home sweet home?

So yesterday was such a long day. We drove to Baldwinsville to look at an apt. They couldn't show us it until 4:30p so we went and hung out with Roxanne and her 2 lil guys for a bit. Then Brian went to a class in Oswego and I hung out with Daisy and her 2 lil kiddies. We had so much fun. So then Brian came back and we went to look at the apartment. It was okay. Pretty cheap so we'll prolly take it. Good location too. Thats always a plus. Then we went back to Daisy's and had Fajita Grill. (Our fave!) We left around 8:30 (before jumping ahead an hr). It took us about an hr to get home. It was such an exausting and fun day!!

So it looks like we are moving the 29/30th of March. =] Bville here we come!

I start working again at Small Smiles March 31st.

We are going to rent for 6 mon then we're prolly going to build.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

what d’ya say to takin’ chances?

"What do you say to taking chances,
What do you say to jumping off the edge?
Never knowing if there's solid ground below
Or hand to hold, or hell to pay,
What do you say,
What do you say?"

So Brian and I have decided to pick up our little family and move once again. We are moving to the Baldwinsville, NY area. It's right outside Syracuse. Small Smiles offered me my job back with some significant perks. We have decided to take it. We're looking into getting an apartment or a house. I will keep you updated as we know more. We are looking to move around the beginning of April.

It is going to be hard to leave. I have made some new friends and it's been so nice being close the the Crystals. I know that they are lifelong friends and our fun has just begun. It's just hard to leave...

Thanks for all your love and support!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

katie's shower

My friend Katie had her bridal shower today. It was so fun and came together amazingly. We played lots of games and I finally won one at the end. The very last bingo was mine. =] She got a lot of great gifts and the cake was beautiful. It made me a little sad that I never had a bridal shower, and my baby showers were really tragic too since I had to do everything myself with no time or money. Oh well. I guess some people never have any and so I am grateful.

The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and it didn't snow at all today. Tomorrow is supposed to be mid to high 50s! So Britta and I are going to go to the outlet mall to walk around. It should be fun. As long as our kiddies behave themselves! =]

Saturday, March 1, 2008

running a little late

So on Thursday I had one of the best experiences of my life (to date).
I went through the temple with the missionary that baptized me. He is going home this Thursday to St. George Utah and I got to say goodbye. (Actually it was a see you later!)
It was such a sweet spirit in there. When I walked into the room I couldn't see him. But I just smiled and scanned the men before I sat down. It literally looked like every missionary that had impacked me was there. I know only E. Stout and Checketts were there. But it felt like McNary, Godfrey, Kindred, Traveller, and so many others were there. I swear I saw them.

I love the temple. But I have to admit the spirit in that session was the strongest I have ever felt in the temple. There were about 30 missionaries in my session. It was incredible- words can't describe it.

E. Stout said after to me that "It was so neat and special to see you in the celestial room" "you are not only my friend- you are my eternal friend". He said he was coming back to NY sometime to visit and maybe see pageant and I told him we HAVE to go to Utah to see him and so I can give him a hug.

More than I love this temple. I love the gospel. I am so happy it came into my life. I have a strong testimony of it. =]