Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brian's birthday festivities

I have NO IDEA what to get him. He wants the game Risk and for me to play it with him... but, I really have NO interest in that game... so I'm at a loss of what to get. Any ideas??? Email me-

So, tomorrow his closest friend John-Micheal is coming up for the weekend! He is so beyond excited. So, I'm making Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo (the olive garden copycat recipe) for them. It should be soooooo good!

Then on Friday I have Tyler so we will all probably hang out here for a bit and then I'll let the two of them go see a movie (as long as they don't see one I've been wanting to see- doubt, the curious case of benjamin button, and i think there's one more that i can't think of...) and I will probably be here cleaning like a maniac.

Saturday, is Brian's actual birthday and John-Mike's girlfriend (weeeeeeeird) is coming up. We haven't met her yet so hopefully she'll like us! I'm sure we'll go to Fajita Grill since it's John-Mike's favorite. And then who knows what we'll do. It should be a good time. =]

I'll leave you with a picture of what I hope my dinner looks like tomorrow:

Oh! I forgot... we're having a couple people over for dinner tonight and I'm making Chicken Scampi.

If I remember to take some pics of the finished products I'll definitely (see mom, i CAN spell it) post them!


♥The Drake Family♥ said...

holly! did you sturn into miss chef?! lol

The Kent Family said...

Holy cooking!!! All that food is making me hungry :)....I FINALLY got an issue of the Friend and it's for FEB.!!! least I have the Internet for sharing time!!!

HollySteffen said...

well i LIKE cooking. i'm usually just too darn lazy. haha.....

Mom said...

Yes, you definitely did spell "it" right! Not like in first grade! (ti) hehe I know, I know, you were referring to the word definitely! Anyway the food sounds yummy! I hope that it turns out as good as what it looks and let me know if Parker enjoys it too! Love you all lots! And tell Brian "Happy Birthday" from his in-laws! Hope you and Parker are feeling much better. Love, Mom and Graaaandma