Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Picking

We were invited to a friends house to go apple picking over the weekend.  The boys scaled the ladder and plucked apples to place in the bag.  We then took them home.   Parker and Carter helped me peel the apples.  Then mom used the apples to make apple crisp.  At Parker and Carter's request, she then used the juicer to make some apple juice as well.

On Sunday, we came home from church.  (Holly went to her sister's baby's dedication in Rochester)  So, we came home, I put Anderson up for a nap, and we watched the Bills game together.  We had cheese and crackers followed by homemade pizza.  We cooked the sauce with fresh garlic and diced tomatoes, and while Carter was not feeling up to it, Parker and I had fresh sliced mushrooms on our pizza as well.

Tonight, Wednesday, Parker and I came home from school late due to chess club.  We picked up doughnuts from a local store to compensate for our lateness.  We will have them after dinner tonight, which will be stuffed shells.

While I was prepping dinner, Parker said something cute.  He said, "Dad, that HH show is one where they, you know do math problems."  "You mean homework hotline?" I asked.  "Yeah," he said.  "That's it."  I just thought it cute he called it "HH."

And that is my post!

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