Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spring Break 2012

Last robo-post...we are coming home from camping today.  Here is a photo from Spring Break 2012.  It was great because my folks were out of town so we got to stay in their house where we could be closer to fun things to do.  Here, I hang out with the boys at the Strong Museum of Play.  As you can see, they were growing like weeds back then!

This was a great spring break.  I remember it started with watching General Conference where we feasted of Chinese take-out with my parents on Saturday between sessions.  My parents also watched our boys the night before so Holly and I could go out to eat at Cheesecake Factory, a favorite restaurant of ours. Afterwards, we walked to Barnes and Nobel and I got two chess books for cheap (they were used) on the Scotch and Alekhine openings.  Many nights that spring break I ran through those openings on the kitchen table.  That was a great week.

Now, hopefully we are back and have more enjoyable memories to report!

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