Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Home Evening

 We had family home evening last night.  Our friend Daisy and her kids came over.  They got a kick out of playing outside while Daisy and Holly prepared dinner.  The kids threw some balls around and played in the sandbox.  Our sandbox is looking a little shallow; I need to get some more sand for it, but the kids didn't complain.

Dinner was rice bowls.  Holly loves this meal, but we only have it with company because there it so much to purchase and prepare to do it right.  It was delicious, and Daisy and Holly even prepared three different kinds of nacho cheese dip.

My rice bowl and personal cheese dip can be seen in the lower right.  Anderson can be seen in the top right, but don't let him fool you. It looks like he is eating his rice bowl but that lasted not very long.  By the time I sat down to eat the lad had started tossing the food around and getting upset.  We never figured out his deal, but I think it was that he wanted some of the Diet Pepsi, which we weren't going to give him.

Parker had treat and he picked ice cream Twix bars.  The kids ate them outside and then tumbled around some more.  Carter was the last to go in.  He stayed out there with me by himself.  We played kickball and then looked up at the clouds telling each other what we saw.  Carter said he saw a gorilla.  "Like this," he said while thumping his fists against his chest.  It was cute.

While Carter was outside with me, Nate helped Parker learn the controls on the Minecraft game on the computer.  Wanting to remember them, Parker made a cheat-sheet!  Great thinking buddy!

Parker was so proud of his Minecraft cheat-sheet that he taught mom the controls too!  You can also see how pregnant she is with our next child.  She's getting huge!

Another FHE at the Steffen house...who knows how many more to go?!

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