Saturday, August 10, 2013

Popsicles, Fish, and Masks

I saw this photo on our computer and couldn't resist posting it.  It's another shot of our "Popsicle Prince." This is from camping as a family the other week.  Parker and Carter went out with Grandma and Grandpa and Holly and I were left with just Anderson and a dog.  We walked around the campground and Anderson got his biggest Popsicle yet.  He loved it.

The dog's name is Sammy.  I never really pay much attention to him when I go to Holly's parents house, but this camping trip I really got a kick over walking him around.  Sometimes I'd like to get a dog.  I bet the boys would like it, but then I think about the chaos we already have with 3 boys and don't really want to add to it.

Also, Carter got a new fish to replace Lucky.  Holly went out and bought it for him just before she left for girl's camp.  It's a beta fish and Carter was so overjoyed.  He named him "Swimmy-Lego."

Finally, when Holly came home from girl's camp, the boys were excited to share a refreshing beverage with her: Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew.  They only sell it in select markets, Utah being one of them.  I bought a pack when I went out there for my sisters wedding for the boys since we don't let them drink caffeine.  They were super excited and eager to share their spoils with mom.

But now on to part of our activities while mom was away.  One thing I did with the boys was make paper mache masks.  We found some old milk jugs in the basement and cut them in half.  I cut some eye holes and then we placed paper mache over them.  Here is what they looked like when they dried.

Parker and his mask.

Carter and his mask.

Yeah, they definitely look a little creepy.  Like something you would see escaping a hospital ward with malicious intent.  So we painted them to cheer them up a bit!

The finished masks appear below.  I did the one in the middle.  Parker painted his all black with a single white war stripe one the forehead while Carter went with a more colorful selection.  We hung them on the kitchen wall for mom to see when she got home.  They look a little like tribal war masks you would get on a Safari or something, don't they?

But as swell as those masks look, they aren't terribly cute.  So I'll end this post with a dapper photo of Parker circa 2011.

Catch ya later!

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