Monday, August 19, 2013

Cookies in a Park

Since we are out camping (which is awesome!) I am robo-posting (that means I constructed these beforehand and scheduled them to be published while we are away.  I thought it would be good time toss up some pictures I like a give some stories behind them.  Like the one below...

 One spring day, before Anderson was born, we woke up and I took off work so Holly and I could spend a day with the boys.  We ended up going to the zoo, cruised around a newly renovated mall, got big pitas for lunch, and some huge, gooey, cookies.  We found a random park using the GPS and enjoyed a picnic with the boys.  As you can see, they loved the park, but the cookies they loved best!

This days stands out in my memory because so much of it happened on a whim; we just grabbed the boys and went!  I love days like that!

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