Friday, August 23, 2013

get some peace.

1 of Mommy's favorite memories while camping:

Parker wanted to have a little rest (the day was exhaustively fun).

P: "Mom, do you have a notebook and a pencil? I want to get some peace."
I was thoroughly confused and told him I didn't have one. (What did that mean, anyway?!)
He then asked for a book or scriptures.
Grandma had a little New Testament. Score.
Parker went into the bunk in the RV and drew the curtain closed.
"I'm getting some peace"

Sure thing, Parker. :))

Side note: I've come to the conclusion that "peace" means peace and quiet.

Love that kid.
The bunks look pretty much identical to this.
The boys have been known to watch movies for their quiet time when camping alone with G&G Miller on those little DVD players in the bunks.

Now, go get your peace! 

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