Monday, August 12, 2013

Anderson and Church

Anderson at church is always a challenge.  The lad is certainly an over achiever, as he is not even two yet and he already gives meaning to the phrase "the terrible twos."  Each Sunday we dress him up nice, haul him out to the mini-van with his brothers, and strap him in his car seat.  He is always happy to go, as you can see.

(To his credit, it's also amazing you can just hold up a cell phone and tell him to say cheese and he does it instantly.  He totally gets the idea of taking pictures.)

We get to church and can sometimes make it through the sacrament.  At this point he starts rambling around the pew, bothering and getting bothered by his brothers.  Little snacks, a water bottle, books, and small toys are tried and quickly dismissed by him.  And he does not want to be held.  So he naturally starts getting loud an destructive.

Anderson's latest tactic of disapproval is to destroy the hymn book holder.  After I repair this a few times it's determined he's ready to be taken out in the hall.  I take him out and listen to the speakers out there.  Anderson generally likes to walk around.  If the weather is nice, sometimes we even outside.

Once sacrament meeting ends, Anderson happily goes off to nursery, which he loves.  Long story short, we love little Anderson, but going to church with him is certainly a contact sport!  But we love you little guy!

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