Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flowers for Mom

Parker and Carter finally got out of the house yesterday.  While Anderson took a nap, I loaded the boys in the trusty wagon and pulled them up the hill to the park.  They had fun dividing their time between the swings (where I pushed them higher and higher on request) and the splash park.  On the swings, they like it when they get pushed so high that they "wiggle."  In the splash park, they road on my shoulders seeing how many times that could walk under the falling water. (Parker made it to 109.) On the way back, Carter picked flowers for mom, something he always does on his way home from the park. Two yellow and and a lavender once, as you can see below. We then had Pad Thai for dinner, which mom and dad enjoyed, but the boys didn't particularly enjoy.

Carter's Flowers 4 Mom
We will be going out of town soon, so I will be robo-posting again.  We have lots of Labor Day weekend stuff to accomplish.  See ya in a few days!

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