Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Philippine Photos

Still out camping...another robo-post.  But it's an important one.  See, when I served my mission to the Philippines, technology was just on the edge of making digital cameras ubiquitous.  While all my later companions had one, I was like my earlier companions and had to load actual film.  This means I had to physically get my pictures developed (which I sometimes forgot to do before I lost the roll of film) or if I did get them developed, I often gave them away to the people who wanted to remember me.

The pictures that did make it home got stuffed into boxes and gradually got kinda got lost.  I've got no computer files of them.  So when one of my mission friends posts a picture of me on facebook, I be sure to save a copy and share it one the blog.  I'd like my sons to be able to see images from my mission.  So, here are two Philippine mission pictures courtesy of my companion Elder Satorre.

Me and a member family in Mabitac, Quezon, Philippines in 2003

Myself and Elder Satorre on a bus in 2003.  
We were on our way with the zone leader 
and his companion for a baptismal interview.

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