Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mini Road Trip

Holly took Parker and Carter on a road trip yesterday.  They drove 40 minutes to Target where they could pick out a present for Anderson's fast approaching birthday.  They picked out a sleeping bag for Anderson.  They could get him a green one, an orange and red one with flowers, or a grey plaid one.

Anderson's hot new bag!
McDonald's Loot
They ended up picking out the grey plaid one because of the color and, they said, "because it has a bag just like ours!"  (A carrying bag, they mean.) Afterwards, the boys got McDonald's for lunch, something that always makes them happy.  Parker got a grilled cheese happy meal, a chancy order since its not on the menu and sometimes when we order it the restaurant gets confused and messes it up, such as adding meat to it or some other such nonsense.  I can not count how many times we have trucked back into a McDonald's to rectify a grilled cheese.  Fortunately, no obstacles for Parker's grilled cheese addiction today!

Parker was extra excited because he ended up getting two bags of apple slices in his happy meal.  (I guess that makes up for all the messed up grilled cheeses over the years.)  He decided to be a bit goofy and dipped his apple slices in both ketchup and ranch dressing.

Parker gets creative!
He liked it!  He said it "tastes like tomato sauce!" He was so proud of his creativity that he asked mom to take a video of it on her phone. I guess he could afford to experiment with his apple slices since he had those extra ones to spare.

Carter got a six piece chicken nugget happy meal and had no problems (or culinary experiments) with his meal.

After eating their happy meals, they explored the different games this particular McDonald's offered them.  They played on some titling pinball contraptions and tried to be nice and take turns. Generally, Holly reported, they were well behaved at the McDonald's.

Game time!
After the boys finished their lunches and games, they went to visit one of Parker's old speech teachers.  Parker made so much progress working with her when he was in Pre-K.  He was also terribly shy and she was really able to get Parker to open up and work with her.  All of that work paid off and Parker had an excellent Kindergarten experience the next year because of her.  It takes so many fine folks to raise a child, and Liz was definitely one of them!

On one more note, Parker spied a seagull in one of the parking lots during their road trip.  Parker liked it so much (he does not yet realize seagulls are basically rats with wings) that he gave it a name: Sneakers.  You, know because he was sneaky and hiding his leg. (Parker was really worried the seagull was hurt, which is why he was paying attention to it in the first place.  Parker, you tender soul you!)

Parker and Carter with Liz, Parker's Pre-K speech teacher.


Finally, earlier today Parker and Carter finished off the experience
 by making birthday cards for their present to Anderson.

Great work guys! 

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