Monday, August 26, 2013

Band of Brothers

When we went camping last week, my friend John-Mike was Parker's captain during water wars.  They shot water balloon launchers at the opposing "enemy" of mom and Uncle Jon.  Parker loved it!  In fact, Parker loved it almost too much!  When we went back to water wars the next day, John-Mike couldn't come because he was at work.  Parker cried and cried because he only wanted to play if John-Mike was there with him.  It was sweet.

Parker and Ja-Mike get their game faces on for
water wars during the tail end of summer 2013

We also went to the wedding reception of one of Holly's college friends yesterday.  It was a fantastic picnic outside by Conesus Lake.  There was plenty of food...including a grilled cheese bar!  I had never seen one of these before, but it quickly became my new best friend.  The boys played on the playground, we ate grilled cheese with exotic fillings and cheeses, listened to a live band, colored pictures for the guest book, and generally had a great time.  (I say generally because Anderson wanted to run around and it was hard for Holly and I to chase him.  Holly is pregnant and my knees were shot from the race yesterday.)

Holly and the new bride

Holly made the below coasters for a wedding gift.  She found out all the places the couple had been.  Then, she bought a road map book and cut out the locations and attached them to coasters.  It came out swell.  She is super creative with these kind of things.

Nice job, Hol!

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