Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pre-Halloween Workout

I am back at school, and Holly is tending to Beckett by day with my mother here to help.  It was great to go back to school and share the good news of baby Beckett with my students.  Many of them had been clamoring for updates long before Holly was even due.  We also had a great dinner tonight brought by one of Holly's friends.  It must have given the boys lots of energy because they wanted to run around all night in their Halloween football costumes.  They even made me keep a tally of their running times.

Two tuckered boys with their living room running times
You can see on the chart they are holding they first ran back and forth for 4, 7 or only 14 seconds. Then they both decided to go whole hog and ran non-stop back and forth in the living room for 200 seconds.  I was the one who had to stop them because I didn't want it to go on all night.  With that kind of exercise, I won't feel guilty about them eating their Halloween candy before bed tomorrow night. Well done boys!

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