Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's that Boy Scout Motto? Be Prepared!

What's that boy scout motto?  Be prepared!  And that's exactly what Holly is all about. Yesterday while I was at work she went to the store and put together these totes.  They are full of treats and goodies for the three boys; this is to keep them entertained when Holly and I ditch them with a sitter as Holly goes into the labor.  The fourth is a tote for the sitter herself to keep from going insane with Parker, Carter, and Anderson flocking around.

Labor Home-base Survival Kits 2013
Holly stashed them in the pantry, but Anderson already found them and was trying to bust into the goodies.  He succeeded in getting a KitKat out, but I intercepted him and put them in a safe place until the big day.  Who knows when it will be?

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