Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not the Baby: Tooths-day

Today, Parker and Carter didn't have school and they have had SO MUCH fun playing together. It just makes me so happy that they are such best friends. They drew pictures, played hide and seek, looked up and marked some favorite scriptures, and watched movies on netflix while munching on apple slices. Parker had a loose tooth so I've had to cut the apples up for him for the past couple days. He's been brimming with excitement to see when the "big day" would come. I'm not talking about the baby, of course- I'm talking about when his FIRST tooth will fall out.

Today, "tooths-day" (tuesday) was the day! While running around with his brother, he ran up to me grinning- the tooth was completely sideways. I told Parker not to move and I gently took it out. It was literally sitting right there. I'm so glad he ran up to me or it would have been a frantic hunt for his teeny tooth.

Parker could hardly contain all his excitement. Feels like Christmas Eve to the kid. He jumped up and down proclaiming "I am just so excited!" and "I thought for sure it would come out when I was 6!" and "Carter, want to see my grown up tooth?" ... He asked me how long it was until bedtime. 4 hours I told him. "I just can't wait!" was his reply.

To a Mom it's bittersweet. I remember when I lost teeth and how excited I was, but as an adult I don't want my babies to grow up- and this is just another sign that's exactly what's happening right before my very eyes.

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