Monday, October 7, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

Some of my friends surprised me with dinner and an amazing baby gift! 
My friend Wendy texted me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner before the baby came. I never pass up food and happily obliged!

When we got to Ruby Tuesdays (I had no idea where we were going) I saw my friend Crystal there... and we were lead to a table with her, Racheal, Daisy, Daisy's 2 kiddos, and Liz was on her way to join us. I was SO surprised!!

My friend Jessica (who just had a baby a couple weeks ago) and Crystal came up with the idea, but unfortunately Jess couldn't make it- between her 6 kiddos and her husband being gone in Texas for military training- there was just no way. She made some of her delicious cupcakes and sent along a cute little note. I really wished she could have been there, but it was so thoughtful of her to make and send along the cupcakes.

I chowed down on salad bar and a pretzel burger before savoring my cupcake.

They gave me my gift. (Gift?! Wasn't dinner gift enough?!) I opened the package and saw a "Timi and Leslie" box. I nearly had a heart attack. (Could it be? No. How would they know? But maybe? Oh my gosh, open the box!) I started to shake as I sliced the tape open. Oh my WORD! It was the exact diaper bag I had been eyeing for months but I knew I could never just go ahead and buy. They all chipped in and bought it for me. I was speechless and seriously almost cried. Grinning ear to ear (I tried) to express my gratitude. I'm still in shock.

I am so blessed to know these women. They are examples of charity, strength, and virtue.

Baby4- boy or girl- is gonna be so spoiled with love! 


Jessica said...

you totally deserve to be spoiled!!! you are an amazing women, an amazing friend, and an amazing mother and wife!!!!! Thank you for being such a great friend!! Im so glad you felt special. Love you!!

Jessica said...

now go have baby # 4!!! lol