Friday, November 1, 2013


So here is a quick and darkly lit picture of Parker and Carter with their Halloween loot. Holly to nicer pictures with her camera before all the action with the boys all dressed up.  She hasn't put it on facebook yet though, which means I haven't been able to steal it from there for the blog.  I will edit it in as soon as I can.

In short, trick-or-treating was a rather long night!  I first did the rounds with Anderson and Carter and Parker stayed behind to help Grandma Steffen hand out candy.  (He really wanted to do it, and we had set up the craft tent and decorations with lights to make it all special in our driveway.) Anderson was at first wary of the event, but he eventually caught on.  He loved marching up to houses and getting free candy.  He stuffed a Tootsie Pop or too into his mouth before we got home.  Also, at one point some teenagers were roaming around in creepy costumes, and Anderson covered his eyes as we walked.  It was cute.

When we got back Parker joined us.  Anderson went inside to eat his loot and go to bed.  Parker, Carter, and I ended up walking around for about an hour and a half.  They boys got tired and I had to alternate carrying them and their sacks. But we made it home safe and sound soon enough.  It was a great Halloween.

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