Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Family Picture Fail

Here is the family picture fail from our day at the park.  Holly had the camera set up on a tripod. She set the timer and ran into the picture while I tried to wrestle Anderson into looking at the camera without crying and attempted to shuffle Parker and Carter into decent positions.  It didn't work out so well, as you can see. But ya know what? Big deal!  Perhaps there is even a lesson in it. Holly and I march through time with our three little boys, through good days and bad.  It doesn't matter if every day turns out right because we are still together.  And some day, perhaps all too soon, those children are going to grow up, move out, and move on.  And a family picture fail has far more many laughs behind it than a nice one.  But we will still try again someday!

Family Picture Fail, Fall 2013

And you know what, we still came out with something, because Parker and Carter can ham up the camera while Mom is trying to get it set up.
The Big Boys, Fall 2013

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