Tuesday, September 29, 2009

lazy day

Today was a lazy day. We just stayed home and played/lounged. It was kind of nice because it is all rainy and yucky outside but I love running errands (spending money). HA!
Parker can now indentify S H O and E ... I showed him that those letter can spell the word SHOE which is one of his favorite words -- only because it means he can go outside. He is amazing me with how well he knows his letters!!

He also knows his shapes: circle, square, triangle, star, and heart... although he thinks heart and hurt are the same thing.

At this rate-- he'll be ready for kindergarten at age 3 for sure. ;)
in other news my camera is totally acting up (when you zoom in it turns off) and being crazy so i'm talking brian into letting me order my camera before we close on the house :)

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