Wednesday, September 2, 2009

time out!

I wanna yell "TIME OUT" in my life. I'm loving the way Parker and Carter interact and the way they love each other. They grow bigger and bigger everyday. Carter is on the brink of crawling and he has 2 teeth!!!
Parker's newest thing is saying "cheese"... he calls it out everytime we pass a mcdonalds... i guess we're bad parents for getting him hooked on grilled cheese. Since he can say it when we pass I taught him to say "cheese" when I take his picture... This is the outcome:
Today, as I was driving home from our walking around the mall- window shopping- with my boys. I saw a truck that had, inscribed in dirt, "fruit juice rocks" and "hi buddy". Pure innocent kids having pure innocent fun.... Then I got to wondering- what about those kids whose parents go to the car wash on a regular basis and heaven forbid their precious baby (car) get dirty.... will they ever get to have the joy of writing a 'secret message' on their vehicle?? And whenever I think of being a kid- I think of blowing dandelions and how my neighbors, whose parents sprayed annually for weeds, never got the chance to blow their seeds into the wind and, of course, make a wish. I then, as an 8yr old girl, to never use weed killers.


Holly said...

Mackaylee does the same thing when we say "cheese" to taking her picture! I swear they are the cutest pictures I've ever taken of her! And she says it when she actually wants cheese.

Your boys are getting so big!

R,K,L said...

Luke does too! I love it. Cheese is his favorite food and his favorite word! It really does work great for pictures!

Crystal said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow?