Thursday, October 1, 2009

Parker's 2 yr check up

Parker at his appointment!! :)
As you can see, there was not ONE tear!

It was his first time getting his reflexes tested, his height standing, saying "ahh" to see his throat/teeth, and his blood pressure taken. He was so brave!!!! :) :) :) :)

Dr. T said "you really have the most beautiful children". When he walked in the door, Parker said "hi!" and then he showed him all his letters in the book he was holding. He showed him an S an E an H and an O. Dr. T asked him where mommy and the baby was and he pointed to us. He also asked some other questions and another was how old he was going to be and Parker held up 2 fingers and said "two." He then said, "let me ask you the development questions even though i already know he's good" :) The notes on his paper say "healthy, handsome, and smart!" As he walked out the door he said it was a nice way to start off the day but that the rest of the day wouldn't be like this!

24lbs -- not even on 2yr old chart

32in -- very low percentile

He just started charting on the BIG BOY chart, so his numbers aren't really on the chart yet. Its not a concern though. :) I am SO PROUD OF HIM!!!!!

*EDIT- according to the birth-36m CDC growth chart he is 50% for height and about 5% weight

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