Friday, September 18, 2009


Sorry Such-a Slacker

I need to get better at blogging. I was reading through my college blog today, and I love how I wrote everyday (almost) about what I did, how I was feeling, and whatnot. I'm going to try to get better!!

Carter is sick. Fever with no other symptoms... poor kiddo. I hope its just teething or something. Hopefully he'll be better by tomorrow. Parker still continues to trample him. It's some sort of game to him. He walks to the same spot, turns around and says "ready set go" or "one two three" or a mixture of the two "ready set one two GO!" and runs over to (and over) Carter. Carter is such a trooper. He's such a joy.

Parker is sad that our DVD player is broken. We might go "shopping" for datenight to get a new one... although I just want to wait until we get a flatscreen with dvd built in. Less clutter= happy momma.

I made babyfood today... green beans and carrots. Squash is done. I only have sweet potato and peas left before I start trying the fruits- I have apples and blueberries that I'm going to make up. Pears and peaches will soon follow. I think I'm going to try advacado with Carter- I didn't with Parker. The yobaby starts soon! :)

If anyone wants/needs help making baby food- let me know! :) It's SO easy!!

House Update: Everything is going smoothly so far!! Our tenative closing date is Oct 6. I'm super excited and incredibly nervous all at the same time. As if we didn't have enough on our plate- we offered to host Thanksgiving! :) It should be interesting to say the least.

My baby boy turns 2 in exactly one month. Where has the time gone?!?! He's learning more and more everyday. Almost every day I discover a new word he can say. :) So far his favorites are mama, dada, grandpa, papa, baby, tarter (carter), ut oh, circle, star, dog, boat, car, it's stuck, byebye, outside, socks, shoes, hat, hot, ball, bird, rock, it's me, no, mine, i did it, don't cry, gentle, sid, arthur... I'm sure there's more that I can't think of.

He recognizes things and gets excited and points and says the word! =]

He can draw a circle. He can point out "S" on anything. He's getting better at recognizing e, r, and a. He calls the letter O a circle! :)

I have been rediculed for teaching him sign sometimes but I honestly have to admit (aside from making my own babyfood and cloth diapering) its the BEST decision I've made for him. So, maybe he's a "late talker" but at least we could communicate before he started talking. That is the whole point of baby signing.

Since I updated about Parker, I'll give a quick update on Carter... he's eating soilds, so far just squash next is green beans. He insists on holding his own bottle. He crawls. He can go from laying down to sitting up on his own. He pulls himself up to standing. He has 2 teeth. He says "Maaaaa" while crying. He has an appt next week. Not really looking forward to the "shot" talk but i'm interested to see his stats! :) Look for them.

Last but not least, thanks to my friend Lani, and some inspiration of AP (attached parenting) mommas I made my own Moby sling. I had enough fabric to make 3! Carter has already been in it twice and fallen asleep both times. Wish I discovered this earlier!!! :) :)


Kings said...

you are just beyond crafy and i ENVY it! :)

Greg & Britta said...

Glad to read your updates!!

Can I give you one piece of advice?? I know you mentioned wanting to buy a flatscreen w/ a built in DVD player. if it were me, I would NOT do it. We've had combo tv/dvd players, and had nothing but problems with it. We went through 2 in 3 years. Even the places that we've bought them from have discouraged buying the combo units. I hear ya on wanting less clutter, but I don't know if I'd go for the combo. Plus, if you're thinkin' of going HD, you don't want a DVD player you want a blu-ray player!!

Just my opinion!

HollySteffen said...

well we're not 100% sure that's what we're getting.

but i look at it like this, if the player 'breaks' oh well... you can still hook one up. i know people have always discouraged combos. i had a vhs/tv combo forever and it worked fine. not saying they all are like that, but my experience has been okay.

thanks for sharing your opinion <3

Chesney said...

i love reading your updates. i love seeing how everyones kids are growing. you are awesome for being so crafty!!

Holly said...

I'm sorry Carter is sick. Poor little guy. Hopefully it is only teething.

I'm gonna have to go with Britta. My hubby is an install tech for DirecTV and works with all kinds of tvs. The tv/dvd combos with flat screens is like flushing your money down the toilet. You pay a ton extra for something that doesn't hold up and can actually damage the tv itself. To get the best for your money, get the flat screen then a dvd player (either blu ray or an HDMI upconvert capable..which most dvd players do that now anyway). My hubby deals with all kinds of people and every single one that has had the dvd/tv combo (especially where flat screen is involved) has ended up spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars replacing the tv because of the mistake of buying the combo. The best on the market for tvs right now is Sharp Aquos, anything Samsung, and anything Toshiba. DO NOT BUY VISIO!!!! Seriously, if you have any questions about tv and electronics dealing with tvs, let me know! I can answer any question you have!

Mom/Grandma said...

did you forget that Parker says Grandma too? boo hoo

HollySteffen said...

well it pretty much sounds like mama, that's why i didnt write it! :) its more like mawma and papa! :)

Jenny and James said...

I love our tv/dvd combo! So nice with the kids and they can't get to the dvd player that well. So nice! I hope you guys are able to get something soon though whatever you decide.

R,K,L said...

I love making homemade baby food, I adore baby sign, and wearing your baby is the best thing in the world!