Saturday, September 26, 2009

Carter's 6m checkup

In the words of Cheryl, the nurse practioner: "he's growing perfectly. he is actually functioning like a 9mon old". :( proof that my baby is indeed growing up way too fast.

Parker, as many of you have heard what a challenge he is at the doctors. Even when I've had to bring them both, Parker will stand and scream. He's petrified and I'm not sure why. Yesterday was different. Yesterday not one tear was shed. He was a little leary when we had to walk by some exam rooms to get to the np sign in... but after we got there, he played with the toy while I signed in and got insurance info straightened out (woohoo we have Oswego City School Dist. insurance so I can get the shots I WANT!!!! FINALLY). The nurse said to go in room 1 while I was still on hold. Parker didn't have a problem walking with me to the room. Once we got in the room I said "look! a book! maybe you can find an 's' " So, he climbed up in the chair and I gave him the book. He went through the entire boardbook saying "s" "s" and pointing everytime he found an S. In and out the people came and not one tear. He was perfect. I am SO PROUD OF HIM!! :) :)

Carter (you may have forgotten by now that it was his checkup!) is weighing in at 16lbs and 26in. Has 2 teeth. Can sit, stand with support, roll over both ways, crawl, pull himself up, shows interest in eating pieces of food (mommy's not ready!)....

Last night we drove up to Oswego and the whole way there and back he would point out the window and say "s" everytime he saw an S. This can't be possible!!

Today, Brian's grandparents are visiting from Boise! It will be their first time meeting either boy!!! And I have to can green beans. It's only 6:30am and I can tell its going to be a long one!

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