Friday, September 11, 2009


it was a sunny, cool, fall day. the leaves were changing and the wind was warm. school was still new. notebooks had only a couple pages written in, and the textbooks were glossy and barely opened.

i had chemistry with mr greenlee and enjoyed his class.. mr greenlee was the coolest teacher in the school. he made learning fun- from dressing up like VectorMan! to dancing to the beachboys 'surfin usa' when we were going to learn about waves. we all looked forward to physics with him so we could witness these phenomenons ourselves.

it was on this day-- the principal came to the door and mr greenlee went out to talk to him. we were all wondering who was in trouble. shortly after he returned and turned on the tv in our room. (mr greenlee never did anything but teach. even a day before vacation we'd... have a normal class) he sat at the front counter hand covering his mouth and saying "oh my". we all sat and stared at the tv as tower 2 was hit.

that day, i wouldn't have wanted to be in any other class.

i personally didn't know anyone that was in those towers but my heart aches for all the people who were in them- for the people who really didn't feel like going to work, for the people who just had to stop in for a minute, for the people who felt work was their life, for the people who had to work to live.... i had hoped there were more that were just a little late for work, had appointments to make, or were sick. i wish they all missed work.

on a happier note: happy anniversary mom and dad!! :)

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