Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's like a breath of fresh air

We had a horrible experience with a pediatrician when Parker was a baby and so when we moved back we knew we had to find someone else. Well, we did and let me just say: I love him!

He is an old man (think wrinkles and gray hair) who has been a pediatrician for a very long time....

I went today for Parker's 12m checkup. The wait wasn't long (at the other office- it took forever) they were very nice and helped me switch my primary care dr with the insurance so I didn't have to make another appt. The doctor took his time, looked parker over, asked if I had questions and actually took the time and care to answer them. He complimented me on my use of cloth diapers and teaching Parker sign language. "You guys are really doing a great job!".... Everything on Parker looks fantastic. He has 'perfect ears' so he said that he shouldn't have a lot of ear infections growing up! (YES!)

I dicussed my worries of vaccines with him and he let me hold off on the chickenpox and flu. He said he doesn't agree but he respects my opinion and my wishes. What a great thing to hear from a doctor!!

He told Parker not to get ahead of schedule- he's not supposed to be saying bye yet- just waving. Doc has a great sense of humor.
He let me hold him for the shot! I've never gotten to do that!

Parker's head is still big. Like the 85th percentile. 18 3/4in
Parker's still short. Around the 50th percentile. 29 1/4in
Parker's still skinny. Between the 5th and 10th percentile. 19lb 4oz

Overall he is in "excellent health and development". =]

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Austin & Crystal said...

he's our pediatrician too! he was actually mine when i grew up as well as austin's and all his brothers and sisters. he's really good, but old fashion. he has always been great, just dont get attached bc he is getting really old :) he actually just had eye surgery not long ago, which is a little scary, lol. he has an RN too, cheryl....so you will see her at times too. she is pretty good. i have actually wanted to switch but there is noone to switch too around here. but i am glad you are happy with him :)