Sunday, November 30, 2008

bargain weekend

^ i paid 20cents for 20 cards on!
that's a 98.5% savings of retail
(my *free* photobook should be here anyday, watch for pics!)

^ black friday bargain,
2 movies for parker for christmas and 2 4gb memory cards for my camera!
retail: $80
paid: $40
saved: 50%
(pardon the belly)

^ We hit up the outlet mall on the way home Saturday
retail: $165
paid: $82.50
saved: 50%

^ children's place (on of my faves)
4 shirts, 2 shorts
retail: $66
paid: $9.94
saved: 85%
^ when i bought all my favorite outfits i got a $10 gift certificate
retail: $20
on sale: $10
paid: $0
(they didn't even charge me tax!)

we also got my christmas present from michaels on black friday.
it's a scrapbook organizing desk! finally i can move my things outta bags.
although, i can't set it up/play with it until christmas.


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