Monday, March 24, 2008

Parker's (festive) first Easter

Yesterday Parker fell down and went boom. We were searching for easter eggs when I hear a loud crash in the other room. I instantly knew it had something to do with Parker. I walked in and found him screaming and my sisters boyfriend holding him. My mom came in and asked what happened "he slipped" was all I heard at the moment. I remained incredibly calm and said "aw, did you fall down and go boom" I knew that Parker was 99% likely to be okay and he was probably just scared. I pulled my sister aside and asked what happened. I guess she was handing him to Steve (her boyfriend) and she thought he had him and he didn't. Thus he fell on the hardwood bumping his head. The loud crash was them knocking over a shelf in attempt to break his fall.

I am glad I didn't freak out especially right away. If I "dropped" someone's kid I would be beating myself up and to have the parents of that child mad at me would be horrendous. No one meant to do it. It was an accident.
Parker got a little goose egg on the back of his head. (How festive I know) And I knew that bumps on the back of the head aren't a huge concern. I put some ice on it, watched his eyes, and kept an eye out for vomiting or strange behavior. He seemed to more or less calm down with occassional crying.

When we got home last night (at 9pm) it seemed as though the bump had gotten a little bigger and it was more going in a line toward his neck. Brian was worried and so he called the Dr on duty at our Peditrician office. They talked for a little bit and he told us to give him some Motrin. So, we did, and Parker finally dozed off. He said to bring him in the office just for a check up tomorrow to make sure everything was okay. This reassured Brian.

So that was Parker's first Easter!

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thekirnancrib said...

hi holly! poor parker! he sure is cute though!