Monday, March 17, 2008

easter bunny time

Brian and I went shopping for our easter baskets for date night on Friday.
We had a lot of fun... well, minus the semi-crazy girl at Target.
She was like telling Brian which candy to get
I just laughed and kept walking.
Good thing Parker wasn't there or we wouldn't have gotten away so fast.
I really enjoy going out with Brian minus Parker (sometimes) bc it lets us have alone time
and that's so important.

This is my basket:

a healthy kid cookbook, sweettart bunnies, life savers, and lip gloss

Brian's basket:

all candy (surprise surprise)

Parker's basket:

dinosaur bibs (bc im still mad about the bedding), an easter book, and peek a boo blocks
^ the blocks are my fave!


Mittongal said...

Super cute!

Jenny & James said...

Elizabeth has those peek-a-boo blocks too and she loves them! If James had his way he'd get nothing but candy too.