Sunday, March 9, 2008

home sweet home?

So yesterday was such a long day. We drove to Baldwinsville to look at an apt. They couldn't show us it until 4:30p so we went and hung out with Roxanne and her 2 lil guys for a bit. Then Brian went to a class in Oswego and I hung out with Daisy and her 2 lil kiddies. We had so much fun. So then Brian came back and we went to look at the apartment. It was okay. Pretty cheap so we'll prolly take it. Good location too. Thats always a plus. Then we went back to Daisy's and had Fajita Grill. (Our fave!) We left around 8:30 (before jumping ahead an hr). It took us about an hr to get home. It was such an exausting and fun day!!

So it looks like we are moving the 29/30th of March. =] Bville here we come!

I start working again at Small Smiles March 31st.

We are going to rent for 6 mon then we're prolly going to build.

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