Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's Find a Bargain

Britta and I went to the outlet mall today. I was extatic. Let me tell you why. I have been wanting to get Parker a sweatsuit outfit (from OshGosh) that matches the one he has now for 12m (next winter). Everytime I went it was $28- one time it was 50% off but I still didn’t want to spend $14 on it. So I kept looking everytime I went. Well Britta and I were walking and there was a new store! It was the OshGosh Clearance Center! I found the exact outfit for $2.99. Holler! I also got some other wicked cute things. All $2.99!! Everything in the pic (the 2 shirts from Children’s Place and the OshGosh things) were $2.99 or under! I got 2 of the same onsie bc it was such a great deal. I’m going to make one size into the summer one by cutting off the long sleeves! And the other is for fall! The socks were $9 from Gap and the ties were $5 each. I made out like a bandit. Hehee....

Also, I made dino cookies the other day. It was so fun, I pretended Parker was helping me- even though he was basically just watching me. So I just wanted to post a pic of them!

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Jenny & James said...

Yeah for cheap and cute baby cloths!! I'm the same way with shopping for the kids. But I also think that baby cloths are priced ridiculously high for how long they actually wear them! Clearance rocks.