Thursday, February 12, 2009

thinking out loud....

Picking a baby name is so hard, especially for the second one. Not only does it have to sound okay with your last name but it has to 'go' with you first child's name!


Brian, Holly, Parker, and _______
______ Miller Steffen (His middle name is definitely Miller)
Parker and _______
______ Steffen

Names I'm (we're) thinking about and reasons I do/don't want them.....

Jackson- It just didn't stick. It's becoming really popular.
Peter- I love this name, Brain doesn't. Parker and Peter... they will constantly get teased that mommy and daddy really liked spiderman. (so this one is definitely out)
Carter- Parker and Carter... hmmm sounds kinda strange.
Connor- This was the name we picked after Parker. It was our #2. However, some people I know have had babies named Connor and now that's all I think of when I hear the name. (so this one is pretty much out)
Oliver- Same as Carter... Parker and Oliver. Er Er Er. I like the name though.
Elliot- Would you like one tea (t) or 2?! ha. Elliot, Elliott..... Brian really likes this name.
Caleb- Feelin' kinda so so on this one.

Let's just hope the 3rd is a girl because she already has a name. Since I have a definite girl name picked out- I will never have a girl. Well, I guess it would make an okay dog name! =]


Shelby and Brian said...

I think that once you see your new little boy you'll know right away what name fits him. Don't stress about it because he doesn't need a name until they come into your hospital room with the info for the birth certificate.

Are you still going with Lydia for a girl?

HollySteffen said...

yepper! for sure.

Beverly B. said...

What happend to Logan?

HollySteffen said...

brian doesn't like it bc he only thinks of logan smith. not that he doesn't like logan he just doesn't like when a name reminds him of a person...

Shelby and Brian said...

ugh yeah tonight my Brian tried to veto my
#2's name because he knew a guy he didn't like with that name.... grrr guys.

HollySteffen said...


The Kent Family said...

You are too funny...but I know how stressful it is!!! I think Elliott still...:):)...and it's different than Parker...but Elliott Miller sounds good together too!!! I still like Oliver...look at my boys..Tristan and Easton...they have the same "ston" sound at the end...but I think it's cute and they go brothers should ;)

Greg & Britta said...

I do like Elliott alot -- I think it's such a cute name!! I'm not a fan of Oliver though -- but you already knew that :-)

I totally agree with Shelb, I think when you see him, you're gonna know what name fits him. We pritty much knew if we had a boy this time, we'd name him Hunter. We had another name we also liked, and when we saw him, we instantly knew he was a Hunter!!

And, you don't even have to name him then .. I had a friend who waited 3 weeks until naming her daughter!! I wouldn't recommend doing that . . .but just so ya know!

The Fifes said...

Elliott. 2 t's. That's my vote!

R,K,L said...

I don't usually give my opinion on this but since you keep asking.... I don't like elliot and think two names w/ er is a non issue. I think it sounds good together. I agree.... just wait until he is born. You don't have to have everything planned out! Enjoy giving a human a name... it should be fun not stressful.

R,K,L said...

BTW... he will be freaking cute no matter what his name is!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like Oliver and Elliott

anniebobannie said...

Here are my votes
(No P names his initals will be PMS)
(No names ending in en, on, in, etc.)
Miles Miller Steffen
Elliot Miller Steffen
Nicholas Miller Steffen
Reece Miller Steffen
William Miller Steffen
Isaac Miller Steffen
Elijah Miller Steffen
Marshall Miller Steffen
Good luck lady!